So it’s over. The semester, I mean. I really, really, reeeeaaaaallllyyyy hope I passed ASP. The final sucked complete and utter monkey balls.


But yeah… it’s over, so back to drawing. I’ve been pretty much artistically comatose for about a month just because there’s a bunch of stuff I want to do, but there just was no free time whatsoever, and when I did have time, which was usually on Tuesdays, then I did the comic. And on the weekend I worked on finals even more, even though Friday and Saturday are usually the only days I see Dean. But you gotta do what you gotta do to pass and FINALLY GRADUATE.

I don’t know about my GPA though. Bleh. It’s only like a 3.0 right now, and I was hoping to improve, considering the past three or four semesters I have gotten about 3.1 or 3.2 GPAs for the individual semester, but I don’t know about this one. The other three classes I’m not really worried about, just ASP, really.

So, I hope you guys are enjoying this over-sexed season. I know some of you think that there really isn’t a storyline, but you gotta trust me, Dean and I have some cuh-razy storylines ahead for you. Even seasons nine and ten have points, since they’re basically all one big season. But it’ll be good. Yeah.

And it’s almost time for the new fan service picture! My God! I’ll be honest, I was gonna be really lazy for this one, and do a really quick picture like I did for 45,000, but it’s not every day your comic gets seen by fifty thousand people. Phew. I can’t believe only two years ago, there was only three thousand people that had seen JD. Give it up for advertisement.

So yes, there will be a good and very awesomely awesome picture. It’s literally going to be huge. I actually drew it over two pieces of paper, so hopefully it won’t crash my five-year-old laptop when I attempt to color it. But it will take a long time, and I don’t expect to get it up by the time I actually hit 50,000. So you guys may have to wait a bit longer. Sorry! I just now have some time! I hope everyone understands!

I suppose that’s enough blabbing for this week. Sorry again for the late comic, and I hope everyone enjoys it!