omg… it’s 11:34 p.m. as I’m writing this. I have just finished the comic. I was THIS close to doing filler this week, because it’s Thanksgiving and I’m coding more than a normal person should for finals, but in the end I grabbed my laptop so I could work on the comic. I learned something that irked me greatly… If you have a Vista computer (my boyfriend does) you have to have an updated version of Adobe Photoshop for it to work. Meaning I only have Photoshop CS, so therefore, Vista says no. CAPITALIST CRAP!!

So yeah, I was a bit mad because I was all set to do it like normal on Tuesday, but no. I found that out, so no go. But I didn’t even have anything planned for filler, so that really wouldn’t have worked either.

I’m super-tired right now, but I think it was worth it. Took about three hours, which is about normal to color, but it’s right after Thanksgiving dinner and I think the tryptophan kicked in. Am I pushing the rating even further? I don’t know, no one seems to be complaining. Except for one person I know, who’s been complaining that there isn’t a storyline, that this season is all about sex.

I have a plot, people! This has been worked out far ahead! Enjoy the cheesecake while you can!!

Not that there won’t be cheesecake in the future. I always have plans for cheesecake.

…Mm… now I want some cake.

… Enjoy!