So I’m not sure how obvious it is, but I recently finally purchased Clip Studio Paint, and this was done entirely in that program. No Photoshop or anything. Which is what I wanted, but it’s definitely exhausting learning an entirely new program. While it definitely has it’s ups from Manga Studio 4, which is what I’ve been using the last five years or so to sketch and ink comics and illustrations, it’s definitely a learning curve. It took me a good four or five hours longer than usual coloring this comic because I spent about that much time looking up things on the Internet, banging my head on the desk simultaneously. There are some pretty amazing new features in this program, like the new panel cutting tools (you can make rounded panels! :D) and the word balloons are freaking AMAZING, I am in love :3 But the fill/paint bucket tools have been a major pain, but I think I finally figured out how to use them. It doesn’t help that this program is originally from Japan, and all of their manual is translated from Japanese… Just a tad confusing at times :\

But nonetheless, I am pretty happy with how it came out, and especially happy I got such a good deal on the program. I’ve been kind of wanting to wean myself off of Photoshop for years, especially after they decided no one can actually ever own their program anymore D:

Let me know what you guys think! Can you tell the difference?