That is a valid question, Jason… How indeed?

Hello, all… hope everyone is doing well, and you all had a good St. Patty’s Day, those who celebrate it. I just realized the other day that there’s only seven episodes left this season! What! They go by way too fast, for me at least, because I feel like I’m working on the next season all the time XD But yeah, I gotta get crackin’ cause I’m still working on finishing season 12 at this time. I’m about 13 episodes in, but I still have to finish the sketches/storyboarding! The story is complete at least. That was pretty difficult to accomplish, since Dean and I have been working on it since sometime in 2007 or 2008 I think?!

Man, I had fun with their outfits in this one, can you tell? Meg’s outfit is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever drawn ^-^

Enjoy everyone!