I Will Wait

Sometimes the couple you think is the alpha couple wasn't meant to be all along. This song is important. It's called "Denial, Revisited" and it's by the Offspring and from their album Conspiracy of One, if you'd like to know. It's also my favorite song of theirs. So here we go Having the same old fight again So there she goes Same old game that never ends If I could say All the right words I know I could make you stay If I could say all the right words Things would work out alright And if you go I won't believe That it's forever And you can go I'll never leave 'Cause it's not over Replay last night Talking it out don't make it right I know she's tried, my whole world is her and all we've got now And if you go I won't believe That it's forever I won't let go Even if she says that it's over I know it'll be Different this time If you'd just stay And when we wrote this story How did it end? It was you and me for all our lives Come on don't say it We'll try again And if I'd just hold you We could last But she stands softly Tears down her face Hitting me, oh God This is the end And I'm waiting for you But there's nothing more now i can do How did you know How did you know How did you know Finally https://youtu.be/TRoJLuNAKd4

One thought on “I Will Wait

  1. …all right. All RIGHT.

    Time for you to recover, boyo. Go find that damn book of Kyle’s and pay real close attention. Because the only way you come back from something like that is to be greater than it.

    Stand tall. Shake the heavens. And when you can do that, this scar will be too small to see again. Oh, you’ll know it’s there. You’ll never forget it’s there. But one day it’ll be too small for anyone but you to notice.

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