Woot! First episode of 2009! Happy New Year everybody!

OK, so aside from the hole, which makes me sad that you can’t make gradients at a curve (well, easily anyway), I love this episode. The whole last couple of panels were really hard to get down, mainly because I wanted to fit into one page well. But I think I did OK. You get the idea, right? Erin jumps over their little snow wall, and lands in the hole because she’s too focused on wailing on Kyle. I thought it made sense. Plus, Kyle’s ridiculous potty mouth really works here. But overall, mwah, masterpiece, methinks.

Oh yeah, and naked Meg and Jenny. Fun times.

Yeah, so I’m still working on the fan service, too… so far, I’ve only outlined one character (there’s six) and the fricken’ PhotoShop file is already 94 megabytes. What the hell. So I’m trying hard not to crash my computer, I think by saving on the desktop instead of saving on my flash drive like I normally do might help. But if not, then I’ll have to figure out a way to do it at Dean’s house. *dramatic sigh* But I’m working on it… seriously. It’s just really really big. Not just the file size, but it’s two pages of drawing. So twice the size, but I guess that just means twice the fun. Heh.

Anyway, enjoy the comic, peoples!