Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Yeah, it's a long one. Don't expect pages like this too often, as it took about three days to finish XD This was also part of the reason I didn't upload on Christmas... this was the page that was scheduled for Christmas Day... yeah.

6 thoughts on “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

  1. Dunno if intentional but the title of this page is the first line of Disturbed’s Sound of Silence from their newest album.

    1. Haha, no… It’s a song by Simon and Garfunkel.

  2. I take it there’s a reason why Terra looks radically different every time she appears… shape-shifting? Also somewhat random that she poofed in to find k.o.ed Chris.

  3. …and that was when I beat him within an inch of his life and left.

    Sometimes the best stories end with that line.

    But yeah. Chris, you’re the one who LOST her. You don’t get to say that.

  4. …and now I wonder if Alicia is bright enough to notice that a couple decades without her around has reduced Jason to a battered alcoholic shell of a human being.

  5. I want to know which old man wants to nail her the most… and gets to!

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