Yay, so Autumn Breeze… She has a slightly different outfit… I thought I’d give her a more “winter-y” outfit since it technically IS December… not that you’d really know it in Southern California, other than a rains a lot more XD

Anyway, also a new character appears! I couldn’t think of a better or more hilarious name than Gary the Ninja, hence his appearance. He’s supposed to be a big parody of ridiculous anime, if you can’t tell. Like the blue hair; the scarf is always waving even if there’s no wind; he was blinded in one eye during childhood, due to a fire and watching his parents die. Also, he’s not really that smart XD And I’m fairly certain his expression might not change, which opens up all these new ideas in my head. This kind of makes me want to do a spin-off of the rivalry/partnership/love of Autumn Breeze and Gary. But it would probably only be a gag strip, update-once-in-a-while thing. I dunno. We’ll see.