Oh Meg, someday you'll look back at all of this and laugh. Hehe. I experimented with inks somewhat here, plus the details... and I actually am quite happy with the results (for a change). I'm sorry I keep messing with the comic DX Hopefully you guys don't mind. The good news is it only took about two hours to color! Yay! And I finished it before midnight! Double yay! K, enjoy guys!

2 thoughts on “Empowering

  1. NOooooo not the face it’s not liek she planned it Meg for the love of god it’s not Erins fault they saw you dancing

    Id ont mind inthe least thatyou tinker SP so long as your happ y I’m h appy wellthat not true I’ll be happy reguardl;ess cuz i get to view and enjoy a new page

  2. That feeling when you realize almost everyone you care about saw you doing something embarrassing…

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