Dazed But Mostly Confused

We've covered the sex and rock n' roll pretty thoroughly... Here are some drugs.

5 thoughts on “Dazed But Mostly Confused

  1. All that’s missing is a goatee on Chris’s chin!

  2. Did…did we just veer into Belharght 1985A?


  3. Seriously, though, I love alternate history stories, and with a name like “Broken mirror”, that’d seem to be where we’re going. Chris now a broken pothead is quite the start. Meanwhile, a clearly tarted-up…Meg? Evie?…makes for an interesting followup.

    1. maybe her alt world self

      1. It’s a good question. Is this a Star Trek-esque mirror universe episode or is this a dark future affair? I can see both, especially if we’re going out into a future that’s spent, say, the last two years or so without Alicia around.

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