I hope you're all having/have had a good holiday!

3 thoughts on “Commercialized

  1. Wow, Meg. That’s just a spectacular level of ingratitude. Really. Erin’s working here to get cash to buy you something nice and you end up tossing it right back at her.

    Not that I blame you overmuch; I’ve been referring to Valentine’s Day as The Day of Pain and Darkness since my mid-twenties–the one where I fell down half a flight of stairs was proof enough for me, leave aside the various huge embarrassing failures on the romantic front–but this is just beyond the pale. I know graciousness isn’t one of Meg’s strengths, but still.

    1. But on the other side of the coin, Erin knows that Meg abhors this holiday, and yet still goes out of her way to support it, and goes against her girlfriend’s wishes.

      1. Hi! Newbie here. So if Erin is one that likes V-Day and wants to get Meg a gift; but Meg hates the holiday they should automatically defer to the hater? Why can’t Meg defer to Erin instead? I see this all too much irl, and it greatly annoys me. It isn’t that big a deal. Meg should swallow her own pride and graciously accept the gift. I know that were I in Erin’s position and my partner was that forcefull in rejecting a gift from me I’d tell her not to let the screen door hit her in the ass on the way out.

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