And that is all for season 15! I know it's kinda short, sorry about that. Unfortunately for you guys though, there's going to be kind of a wait until the next season... It's still currently in writing at the moment, I haven't even started storyboarding yet. My guess is that it'll be about three weeks or so due to that (and vacation, which I need, desperately). What I do plan on doing though, since I draw constantly, is upload some sketches, a lot of which are JD-related, and none of which I've put online. Please don't be mad at me! If the next season was ready, I'd start it right away! There are just a few technical difficulties to work out until then!

10 thoughts on “Bamf

  1. Wow. It’s like watching a trainwreck in slow motion, only a funny trainwreck with Yakety Sax playing.

  2. So, is there anyone not a part of their families or friends that isn’t going to know what happened? Particularly since most of them are already there.

  3. lol oh man sparky your in for a world of trouble buddy I wonder if what happened between BC adn alexis is going to come up

  4. RiP Juvenile Diversion

    1. No, it’s not over! D: Dean and I had a lot of disputes over how this season’s gonna go, but we’re pretty much done with the notes, so now it’s on to storyboarding! I like to take my time with writing because I want it to be good. ^^

      Thank you for coming back to check though! When the next comic is up, I will make a news post about it, definitely!

      1. alright, apologies all around. Honestly I can’t wait for the update, since your comic seems to combine (mostly) the three main things I look for in a webcomic. I’ll wait patiently and I hope any issues are resolved and this wonderful work can continue.

  5. I ‘ve read how your summer has been going Sp and that is kinda in sane almost like you have a binbogami on your shoulder

    1. haha, I don’t know what that is! XD

      1. It is a japanese god that brings about misfortune to people tho mot people fail to realize its som something better can come about later

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