I haven’t used a CCR song as a title yet, I think?

So, fair warning, there maaay not be a new page next week, I haven’t really decided yet. Main reason being, I actually have Thanksgiving Day off this year! Joy! But…. Thursday is usually my main comicking day… and while I could try and squeeze in drawing/coloring/etc. before Thursday, it’s not really a guarantee. There are always times when people call out, and I need to cover them, ya know. And starting Friday I’ve got a lovely six days of work in a row, ffff. Dean and I have also got a bunch of house issues and things that need to be taken care of very quickly (i.e., winter is coming ><).

Also, I’ve been kind of behind writing/story board-wise, so this would give me a good chunk of time to catch up on that. But we’ll see… Maybe I’ll be able to put up some filler like I usually do around the holidays.