And we're back! This chapter is about Kyle's birthday and Valentine's Day. And yeah, I changed the school since last time to saw it... I think I've gotten better at architecture from watching so many Minecraft videos in the last few years XD This weekend is Plattsburgh Comic Con! I hope to see some of you there :)

3 thoughts on “Assembly

  1. Good to have you back. Friday wasn’t the same without you around.

    …Valentine’s Day. Just the name makes me shudder. Too many bad memories and a lot of bizarre accidents. That’s the day I get behind as many doors with as many locks as I can find and just wait for it to die.

  2. Valentine’s Day. Some call it “Singlehood Awareness Day.”
    I prefer “Semi-Annual Surplus Candy Sale Eve.” Such a wonderful holiday, they celebrate it twice a year, on February 15th, and then again on November 1st.

    1. Also, the day (or couple of weeks where I work) after Easter, Christmas and sometimes New Year’s 😀

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