It’s Matt! Meet Matthew Park, age 16, junior in high school, Korean descent. I’m really excited about him. This is only the first episode he’s in, and I already want him to come back to the comic later. I don’t know what happened, but he kind of came out looking like my little brother. Weird.

St. Rufus happens to be the feast on December 18, but it’s also one of my dog’s names! He’s my mom’s pitt bull, and he’s adorable, and about four months old, I think. And getting rather large. Last time I saw him he was about 30 lbs, and he’s probably going to get maybe up to 50 lbs. (!) But I wuff him. ^-^

So I see the predicament about next week. I don’t know if you guys do yet, but Friday happens to be Christmas Day. And being the ridiculous person I am, I can’t just put up a normal comic. I have to do something special. So I’m doing a couple of matching Christmas pictures, so I think I’ll put those up on Friday, and see what happens after that.

Enjoy the comic, guys!