And that’s the end of the chapter!

It’ll be at least another few weeks until the next chapter, because honestly, life has kinda just gotten in the way. I’ve got so many things happening in the near future, and unfortunately writing has kind of suffered because of it. It’s not ideal, and it’s not what I intended to happen, but I’m going to work on writing out the final script next week, and we’ll go from there. I’ll probably get some more character models up for you guys so you can get a glimpse of the next story!

In the meantime, this Saturday I’ll be at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington, VT at the first ever VT Comic Creators Show! It’s a free show, and should definitely be a good time. Then the Friday after that (May 10), I’ll be at Goddard College for the Unsilent: Political Poetics event! I’ve also got pieces up at the Fletcher Library all during the month of May for sale, and Saturday, May 11th I’ll have a piece up in Nelson Creative Spaces North Hollywood, California for the Sultry 70s Soiree art show! *breathes* So yeah! It’s been a little busy!

In the meantime, If you want to help me only do this art stuff (my dream!), then you could always throw a buck or two at my Patreon! Or buy some books or art in my store!

Thanks everyone for putting up with me, I’ll be posting again before you know it! 🙂