So here’s a real comic for you. Enjoy.

It didn’t take as long as I was worrying it would, and among the ridiculous amounts of stuff I have to do, that’s a very good thing right about now. I’m working on some midterms (!), I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the semester. Jeez. I signed up for classes two days ago, and surprisingly had no problems… weird. But I should be good to go for my last semester of college (*tears of joy*). Now to figure out how to pay for it, since it’s not a full-time semester. Hmm.

But yeah, that’s about all that’s going on…. I am going to Bakuretsu Con on Friday, probably not the entire day, but a good amount of it. I’m not exactly rolling in riches at the moment, so I won’t be able to just flush through all my money again (*le sigh*), but it should be fun, nonetheless.