Well, here we are. I’ve finally come to the conclusion of season one of Juvenile Diversion. It’s been a long fun trip. But just wait until next season! There’ll be more excitement! More scantily clad girls! More rock and roll! Whoo! I’m really excited about this season because it opens up a lot more and the characters start to grow and become even more lovable! There’ll be some new characters as well really soon, and not everyone is a friend anymore.

A few other things: This is possibly my last regular commentary on the site. After this semester ends for me, I’m going to start diving into working on the new version of my site again, and there’ll be many more things to do on it! What I might do is start up a blog eventually and you will be able to read my rants and raves there if you choose to do so. But it’ll be a lot better, this new site. Since I’ve been working so hard on my finals and such though, it’s been hard to work on the site, and also creating new episodes. So I decided to do the incredibly lazy thing, and create a Season One Recap episode, that will be out next week. I’m going to try and start up the next season as soon as possible, so we’ll see how that goes.

Sorry for all this waiting and annoyance and such, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait. I cannot wait myself until I get this website updated and going, because it’ll be such an accomplishment. But for now, I really have to focus on school, and finishing up this semester, and transferring to my next school, which hopefully I will be able to get classes in. Well, we’ll worry about that when the time comes, so if I don’t write again until the new site, Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate. Thanks again everyone for reading and I really, really hope you keep on reading JD, and enjoy the second season.

Thanks again!