…And Into The Fire

Ahh, only Kyle could end the season that eloquently. OK, so since this is the end of the season, I've got a bit of news... I'm going to be closing on the house in about two weeks now, and I'm not exactly sure how long we'll be without Internet, or even if we will be, for that matter. But just in case, I don't really want to start the next season immediately, so next week there will be some shorts strips in place of regular JD comics for a short time period... Probably a couple of weeks or so, hopefully not more than a month. I will definitely let everyone know when season 11 will start. For now, I'm not sure when that will be quite yet. The good news is I'm going to try for several times a week. I'm not quite ready for a M-W-F update time yet, but I think we can do Tuesday-Friday updates, definitely. The strips will be short little blurbs about stuff that happens in my own life, because from the poll that's what it looked like the most popular choice was. Sooo... Tuesday don't forget to check back here for a strip! Hope you guys enjoyed the Winter Delights storyline! :D

2 thoughts on “…And Into The Fire

  1. dudes like yes yes yes…. three seconds later SON OF A BITCH!!!

  2. Aaaand… we got a Welcoming Comittee! 😀

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