All Wet

Yes, my car has made those noises, too. And I decided it was time to use that shirt again, since it's been a few seasons. I guess it's about time that I told everyone that twice a week updates are upon us once again! Starting Tuesday (!) we'll be updating JD on Tuesdays and Fridays again (I hope) until the end of August or so. I'll let you know when the time comes. So be sure to check back on May 6 because there should be another update! *squee* As for my personal life, I wasn't able to get my awesome sitting-at-the-computer-and-doing-close-to-nothing job back, so it looks like I'll be looking for a better job because I really don't want to be working at the grocery store all summer. So that's what's going on with me. Dean's got his own full-time job now, and that's what's going on with him. Enjoy the comic!

2 thoughts on “All Wet

  1. Somethin’ wrong, Kyle?
    You seem a bit…

    Didn’t mean to…
    Ha, OK, OK, I’ll shut up.

  2. Sometimes somebody is just out to get you Kyle…

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