Notice anything different about this comic? Give up? The answer is: I drew it entirely on my computer. No pencils, no scanning, just my tablet and my laptop. Maybe that’s how I broke my computer. The thing is, it doesn’t look much different than any other episode, and yet it took about 2-3 times long than if I did just drawing it on paper. So… that’s why I won’t be doing it again. So, sorry to everyone that would be looking forward to it… it just takes way too long.

Currently, my laptop’s being fixed… so I’m getting a little behind my normal schedule. I’m only two episodes ahead as of when this comic comes out. One’s half colored, but I have to do it at Dean’s house to get it finished, and I’m also at the moment working on the 9000 fan service pic… it’s only drawn and scanned in so far.

No other actual news to report right now… there’s a few things I’ve posted on DeviantArt, but it’s not really worth talking about… so go look at your own risk. I haven’t had much time to do drawings with work, and the comic, and my computer breaking and all… sorry about that.

As usual, enjoy the comic. Until Tuesday…!