News! Comic next week! I have a YouTube now!

Hey all! Sorry it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything on here… I’ve been real busy finishing the story, getting things ready for more conventions, getting my Patreon ready for an update, and yes, I do have a YouTube now!

So, Dean and I finished the script literally in the last two days… We’ve been working very hard on it because it ties in with pretty much the entire rest of the story until the end… I know that’s a crazy thing to hear, but don’t worry, there’s still lots left until we get there. So mainly we were working on this chapter, but also lots of storyline stuff for the future!

The good news is that means once I start storyboarding (the next couple of days probably), I’ll be able to get the next page done! I was aiming for June 7, and it looks like we’re still on track for then!

The other big news is yes, I do have a YouTube, and there is a video on there that relates (a lot!) to the next story…

Like, comment, subscribe, you know the drill!

You guys would be doing me a huge favor by giving my videos a little bit of love <3 I honestly feel like putting myself out there on video form has been the last thing holding me back, and I’m really doing it now! And having lots of fun!

As usual, thanks a million for being so faithful and patient, I hope you love this upcoming chapter! <3 <3 <3

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