Disqus comments?

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about switching the comments section to Disqus comments, and I ran it by Dean, and he’s for it as well. I was thinking it may be easier for readers to leave comments, because once you log in with one website, you’re logged in with all the websites that use it… If you’re not sure what Disqus is, some excellent comics that use it are, Blaster Nation, The Glass Scientists, and Go Get a Roomie.

Let me know what you think! ­čśÇ

7 thoughts on “Disqus comments?

  1. I’m of the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it school of thought. The comments section does well as it sits, so why undertake the effort of changing it? Firefox already fills in the fields for me, so I don’t need to be logged in at one particular site.

    1. I was thinking because a lot of other webcomics use it, it might actually be easier for the readers because you’d only need to log in once. Also, I’m thinking more people might actually comment because they already have accounts with Disqus, and they might not with Gravitar. Also, Gravitar can be kind of a pain sometimes :\

  2. This or Disqus are fine, but Disqus has the added advantage of being able to upvote (or downvote, if necessary) individual comments; and you can “follow” commenters that you like.

  3. A major question for all technology switches is: Will the old data be preserved?

    1. I’m actually not sure about that… I’ll have to look into it.

  4. Also, speaking of change, will something be done about the page URLs that are “too prettified” to the point of hiding essential information (there is neither a comic ID nor a date visible)?

    At the most practical, the website should show both title and ID/date in the URL, and accept either.

    1. Oh, and if there is a date, it should be in YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD format.

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