I’m sorry (please don’t hurt me)

OK, so it’s not that I needed more time to do the comic, there’s just been a number of things happening that have affected my ability to want to do quality art of any kind. I’m a little off-kilter (mainly with work at the moment, and I am going to be looking much more frequently for a new job now), but other things too, like my dog getting sick (she’s doing ok now), and I had to get my winter tires put on my car, the power going out before I saved (=_=), as well as other random stuff. So again, I’m sorry… but!

here’s a new Ask JD I added!

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry (please don’t hurt me)

  1. Invest in a UPS (uninterruptable power supply). Then, when the power goes out, you can still save and shut down nicely. ­čÖé

    1. Eh, it wouldn’t really be useful to me since I live on a city power grid, and the power was only out because they were working on the roads. That was the least of the bad things that have happened last week anyway XD But thanks for your comment!

  2. WOrry not SP Life happens and to those of us you are really awesome we make life happen so dont sweat it ok

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