Hi everyone! Glad to see so many of you have been sticking around with me for so long.

First off, really good news for you guys! The comic going to be updating again, and even more exciting, it’s going to be this Friday!

Yeah, really! (I’m even done with the first page and everything!)

And seriously, once I get on a schedule, I’m fairly good about keeping it. It’s been a rough last few months (what with a global pandemic and all), and I’m sure all of you have been suffering in some sort of way or another. I’m hoping you’re all staying safe and healthy, and I hope only good things for the future.

That also being said, a lot of conventions I was planning for this year have been either canceled or postponed. This is obviously for the best, but it really is a bummer. There were even two big shows that I got into that I was really excited about. But hopefully next year they’ll work out and maybe I can meet some of you!

Other than this, I’ve just been working… and working… and working -_- I work pretty much full time every week, and sometimes over… and I still run this page, my Instagram, my Patreon, my YouTube, my online shop, etc. So I’m obviously pretty exhausted most days.

I sincerely want to thank you all for being such loyal readers. I really do enjoy creating Juvenile Diversion (even when the writing process takes me forever), and I’m very much looking forward to drawing this chapter! I hope you all enjoy it ~ <3